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Old 07-08-2014, 09:10 PM
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Default TransFormers 4 Age of Extinction

Since Darth really wanted this topic over here, and we don't have a department devoted to Bayformers.

I'll try to avoid any unnecessary spoilers.

I saw the film on the eve of my 31st year on this planet... saw it at the cheapest theater in the area, on my uncle's dime... AND I STILL FEEL RIPPED OFF! Holy PRIMUS! PRIME, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?! The Autobots are all acting like arrogant assholes, even to one another! The human stories are even more annoying than they were WITH Shia, and yet the lack of that jabbering yutz is still one of the saving graces of the film. I'm kinda missing Simmons! The film is WAY too long, and the Dinobots don't show up until the last, what, 15 minutes or so? I mean, they've always been the cavalry, but there's almost no real buildup or intro for them. It felt like Bay was making two or three movies at the same time and couldn't figure out which one was which when it came time to edit them. At least we've got the right voice growling out of Galvatron now.
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Old 11-05-2014, 11:22 PM
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That sounds really painful, man. I admit, after everyone I know who saw it telling me how awful it was, I never did go see it. I'll probably get it from the library at some point.

I heard that the next one will supposedly not be directed by Bay. Promising, but what about the writers? I mean, Bay is not the ONLY one making the movie...right? I admit I do not know who wrote any of them >.< And if not Bay directing, does anyone know who? The thing I read didn't have any alternatives, just not-Bay.

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Old 11-11-2014, 03:56 AM
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Transformers 4 was the single most traumatic, offensive, and awful thing I've seen all year. And my parents watch Fox News.

The worst part for me was the useless daughter character. She was PATENTLY OFFENSIVE.
The part where the dad and they boyfriend are talking about her while she's sleeping, and the dad goes, "You'll take care of her, right?" I YELLED at the screen. I shouted, in the theatre, "Yeah, cuz she's a woman, so OBVIOUSLY she can't take care of her self!" And everyone in the theater laughed. BECAUSE I think that there are 'Girls Gone Wild' videos that are more empowering to woman than that piece of crap. And I'm not even a feminist.
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Old 11-12-2014, 05:04 PM
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I saw nothing wrong with that scene. There were many others to dislike, but here I think it was only the daddy being overprotective. He didn't say that because she needed a caretaker, but because HE THOUGHT she needed one.

And he has been proven wrong numerous times by that part of the movie, so it's OK for me.

But then.... so many things were just WRONG in that movie. I'm trying to keep this spoiler-free, I apologize if I slip something important. (<-- sarcasm there.)

1, The opening scene with dinosaurs. SOOO no sense was made there. Why only them? Why not the rock below their feet? What kind of weapon is that, and why didn't the movie makers use the (truly spectacular) freeze-effect for a not-TF scifi?
(And later: does that weapon have a Seed in it? If so, why do humans need one more seed when they are already using Seed-powered weapons on supporter characters?)
2, That kill scene was SCANDALOUS. Seriously, going down like a whimp? How am I supposed to react to that? And the humans working with Lockdown - OK let's say they were all in it for the money and they knew the "all robots are bad" communication is a lie. But didn't none of them consider that hunting down the good guys is bad for their health on the long run? The 'Cons fraggin' had Chicago ruined a few years before and the humans needed the Autobots or else they would have been exported.

3, OK, Optimus's G1-ish form got me. That cinema scene was as if time stopped with him in 1986 after seeing his own death. (Fun fact: in one G1 episode, the robots pass a cinema where TFTM is played.)

4, Where the hack is the entire NEST? OK let's say the Witwicky family was murdered and brainwashed and Sam died off-screen while helping Bee and Optimus escape. But how do you silently get rid of skilled soldiers who took down Decepticons in the first three movies? Maybe they were also assassinated one by one, but it's hard to believe.

5, Why did the new Autobots come to Earth when it is anything but a welcoming place? Maybe I shouldn't ask....

6, You steal industrial data like that. Yes. And I am the DJD leader with a huge purple mask.

7, It was just ESSENTIAL for the family to travel to the other side of the planet, it wouldn't have been enough if the robots do.

8, You dare call that abhorrent falling-to-pixels mess a transformation?!

9, So Grimlock + co are KNIGHTS. Aye. They really behave so. Optimus is cosplaying, that's fine with me. (And they named one of them Slash. So that you cannot google him for a single picture, because if you type in "dinobot slash" it will take you to COMPLETELY ESLEWHERE.)

10, I go to a TF movie because I want to see human vs human fight. I really do. Shoot me!

+1: The music was uncharacteristic I loved the first three's score, and here the only piece that stuck for a while was the humans' theme. My battle cry is not that miserable meowing.
"You do not (DO! NOT!!) redeem the villain by making the good guys evil." (Ha-Hee Prime)

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